2018 is the year for a new kind of networking in Milton Keynes.

Micro-influencer Samantha Poole – Founder of Mum to Mum UK, and owner of SJPoole Network – is bringing her local businesses together in one space to collaborate, empower and educate in networking events like no other.

Ladies and gents are all welcome, and there are no lock outs.

There are 155 plus businesses that advertise with Mum to Mum www.mumtomumuk.com; this is a space for them to network together.  

We have over 13,000 parents in the Mum to Mum Facebook community, many of whom run small businesses; and this is another arm of support for members.

Sam is asked daily for referrals and contacts for her business network, so this allows her to share her awesome freelance team with her B2B and B2C communities.

When you are a small business, every penny counts, and so our sessions have been created to cover all areas of business management at an affordable price. With professionals in social media management, PR, marketing and a bit of business coaching thrown in too, you can access 12 months of empowerment – teaching you the skills to manage your own social media better, plus an online group where you can network 24/7.

Connect Business to Business and then Business to Community in the SJPoole Network!

“We want you to leave feeling elevated, inspired and motivated. At our events we want you to make connections, real collaborations and new business friends!

“Everyone is welcome – friends & colleagues who are currently networking in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Herts and Northants. Sharing is the key, collaboration works, and sometimes, it really is who you know!”

Samantha Poole – SJPoole Network – Mum to Mum UK & Money Saving Books UK