Cookie Policy

As with most modern websites SJ Poole uses cookies which allow small amounts of required information to be stored on the users’ machine when browsing our site. We have chosen to affiliate and use only the known, reputable providers of social media, web hosting / development and commerce to assure the best, and most trusted, experience for our website users.

The following cookies are in use within this site, please ensure you have read and understood the policies associated with these (links provided below where available).

Also, please note, that when clicking through to any of these sites you will be operating within their website, once you are in Facebook, Twitter or Shopify you would then be subject to their privacy rules, policies and terms and conditions:

Facebook cookiesThird Party2 yearsThe Facebook feed to this site uses cookies to allow the display and context of information within the SJ Poole site to display the SJ Poole information contained on Facebook. Please review the Facebook policy for further information on their cookies.
Shopify CookiesThird Party2 yearsPlease be aware this website uses Shopify and the associated cookies which are in place to support the shopping experience. For more information on the Shopify cookie policy please visit their cookie policy page.  
Twitter CookiesThird Party2 YearsAn integrated twitter feed is shown on this site, to allow this to function there are a number of cookies used to store information on your local machine. For more information on the Twitter policy please follow this link.
Wordpress CookiesPersistent24hrs to 2 yearsThis site uses a variety of Wordpress features and plugins, including Jetpack, which use cookies to enhance the user experience of this site and allow anonymous viewing statistics to be gathered (i.e. number of users, which pages visited etc.). This information is not shared with anyone outside of SJ Poole.

Thank you for taking the time to review this privacy information.